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GALA Italy Week #1 - July 9-14-2017


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All dancers and teachers participate in the WDM FINAL GALA PERFORMANCE. You will perform the choreography learned in all your classes throughout the week.

Here is what you'll receive:

Professionally edited video of the FINAL GALA PERFORMANCE!

MEMORIES of all the different styles of choreography you learned with your international teachers and fellow dancers.

SCHOLARSHIPS awarded at the Final Gala Dinner:

  • World Dance Movement 
  • Broadway Dance Center NYC
  • Complexions Contemporary Ballet NYC
  • The PULSE International on Tour 
  • Camp Pulse
  • Undercovered Chorepgraphy Workshop
  • Tezoro Productions LIVE
  • Harmonic Dance Studio in France
  • STEPS on Broadway NYC
  • Tanec bez hranic - Prague
  • International Dance Studio - Madrid
  • AND MORE!!!

  • _______________________________________________________________________________

Video "Memories" of your time spent in Italy!

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