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HIP HOP with Dana Foglia-VOL I Beginner DVD

Join Dana Foglia as she thoroughly breaks down her exciting street dance moves in this video made for beginners dancers at any age to learn how to dance.

She will slowly demonstrate many different isolations needed for this funky style of hip hop dance, as well as perform them for you. You will get to see the choreography in angles that mirror a class environment so that you feel as if you are right there with her and her dancers.

Everybody can dance! Fun is the key to this DVD, so bring a great attitude, lots of energy and get ready to break a sweat!

About Dana:

Dana Foglia grew up on Long Island, New York, and has been dancing since the age of eight. She was trained in various styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop. Her ballet training began at Seiskaya Ballet Academy. Upon graduation from high school, she won a full scholarship to the Ailey School in Manhattan, continuing her education in dance, and providing her with the opportunity to perform with the Alvin Ailey Company.

Dana has toured with top artists including Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelis, Thalia and Fantasia to name a few. She has also performed in many videos with top artists, and has appeared in numerous commercials, including Acura and Haagen Dazs. She has used her knowledge and love of dance to teach students all over the USA and abroad.


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