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LATIN DANCE with Luis Salgado - VOL IV    SALSA


In this 45-minute video, Luis will teach you the basics of SALSA. Utilizing the "2/3 clave" students will get a chance to explore the down beat on the "two" as opposed to "one" - an extra space is needed on "one" and that makes this style beautiful and challenging. This high-energy video introduces the art of Latin motion, rhythm, and style, while utilizing the Jazz foundation. Luis will focus on opening the heart to dance as the first step towards having fun and developing performance skills, all while burning calories and staying healthy! This unique style is brought direct to you from Luis’s native home, Puerto Rico.

This class includes isolations, coordination, cardio, strength, and some flexibility exercises. Filmed in a classroom format, learning from Luis is made easy as he teaches at a beginner level enabling any dancer to develop an understanding of this style and musicality. You will have a great time learning from Luis through his contagious energy! Check out other Tezoro LIVE Latin Dance volumes for additional styles.


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