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Street Jazz DVD with Rhapsody  VHS/PAL

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If you want to be on top of the latest hip hop dance styles and become a stronger hip-hop dancer and performer, this video is for YOU! Rhapsody and her dance company will take you on a ride as you learn the dance moves that are sweeping the nation. Street Jazz fuses hip-hop and jazz and is the signature style of Rhapsody and her company. In this Street Jazz DVD you will learn three hot routines for the beginner, intermediate and advanced dancer. Rhapsody incorporates the use of body mechanics, musicality and distinctive performance techniques to help you become a better hip-hop dancer. If you are all about hard work, dedication and fun, then this video is tailor-made for you!

Performing was a great passion of Rhapsody's, but she soon realized that for her to be a great choreographer, she first would need to be a great teacher. Rhapsody began teaching at Broadway Dance Center, where her classes flourished, making her one of the hottest and most popular Commercial Hip-Hop teachers today. Rhapsody is also a part of the esteemed faculty of the Monsters of Hip-Hop Dance Convention. Discipline and a healthy learning environment is what she promotes in her class as well as good fun. Los Angeles, Miami, Japan, London, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia are just a few places where Rhapsody has taught.

Now a professional choreographer in the music business Rhapsody's credits including Beyonce, The Jonas Brothers, The Pussycat Dolls,The Spice Girls, Cassie, Jay Sean, Donnie Klang, "Step Up 2: The Streets" Feature Film, "Making The Band 4," as well as commercials for the NY lottery, Citeron Car Company and ESPN. Aside from being a world reknowned teacher and choreographer, Rhapsody is also the Artistic Director/Choreographer of her own dance company called no other than Rhapsody: The Company. Rhapsody: The Company is dedicated to blurring the boundaries between Hip-Hop, modern and jazz with their unique contemporary fusion style of "street jazz" that expresses an eclectic vision of beauty and rawness. Through dynamic choreography displaying a vision of complexity and drama, this company will capture you with a positive energy that excites and soothes your soul.

Rhapsody on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine! Read more:

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