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Progressions DVD with Mandy Moore

“Progressions with Mandy Moore” is an instructional program that includes four separate combinations of movement meant to travel across the floor, using the length of the studio. Each innovative combination emphasizes a different element of jazz technique: direction change, weight change, level change and use of space. All the combinations are broken down into a beginning, intermediate and advanced version as Mandy pinpoints key concepts having to do with body line, alignment, and dynamics. Feed your technique and dance vocabulary with this unique and essential program designed by choreographer and teacher, Mandy Moore.

Mandy Moore offers one of the most challenging, and certainly, well respected classes in the country.  Whether it’s film, television, or stage, Mandy has worked with some of the top choreographers in the business, and has performed all over the world from Brazil to Australia.  She was a featured dancer in “Austin Powers III” and “A Time For Dancing” as well as for the television shows: “That 70’s Show,” “Malcolm In the Middle,” and “The Drew Carey Show.” Some industrials include shows for Nike, Accura, Honda, and Mercedes.  Mandy was assistant choreographer for “American Idol” seasons III and IV and worked on “So You Think You Can Dance” season I for FOX. Mandy continues to travel the world teaching workshops and master classes.

As the first winner of Fox’s, “So you think you can dance,” Nick Lazzarini is making a name for himself in the world of dance. He has performed with Companies such as Mia Michael’s RAW, Dee Caspary’s IV and Evolution in the states and abroad.


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