Enjoy listening to the original music that has been created for these videos.  

Each choreographer worked directly with our music producers to assure the music complimented and colored their choreography and technique exercises.  

Each Audio CD contains the exact music you will hear on the videos. is your source for:
  • Buy Dance DVD
  • • Hip Hop Dance DVD
  • Educational Dance Videos
  • On-demand dance classes
  • Bruno Collinet
  • International Educational Dance Videos
  • Dance Streaming
  • Learn To Dance Video
  • • Theatre Dance DVD
  • Learn To Dance Videos
  • Learning Dance Video
  • Dance Warm-Up DVD
  • Health and Nutrition DVD
  • Shop Dance DVD
  • Dance Instructional DVD
  • Road Runnerís club
  • • International Hip Hop DVD
  • Online Dance Exercises
  • Dancing Lessons Online
  • Michele Assaf DVD
  • Eugene Fleming
  • International Educational Dancing Video
  • Live at Broadway Dance Center
  • Dance Workshops in Italy

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