Use our special collections area to save big when buying multiple DVDs!  Take the guessing game out of what DVD combinations you should purchase.  Let us do the work for you.

Each box set serves a purpose.  Whether for Technique, Stretch and Strengthening, Choreography, Beginners or Advanced dancers ... start your special collection today! is your source for:
  • Dance Instructional Videos
  • Stretch and Strengthening DVD
  • Hip Hop Video
  • • Joe Loera and Street Funk DVD with Joe Loera
  • • International Dance Intensive
  • International Online Dance Lessons
  • • Educational Dance DVD
  • • Kids Dance DVD
  • Online Dance Workshops
  • • Hip Hop Dance Video
  • Instructional Dance Video
  • • Shop Dancing Videos
  • Online Dance DVD Store
  • Learning Dance DVD
  • • Hip Hop DVDs
  • Shop for DVDs
  • Dance Streaming
  • Learn How To Dance Video
  • Andy Blankenbuehler and Takes On Theatre Dance DVD
  • Online Dance Classes
  • Learn To Dance DVD in the USA
  • Hip Hop Dance Lessons Online
  • • Dance Instruction Video in the USA
  • Cha-Cha Mambo DVD
  • • Tezoro LIVE Dance
  • Dance Instructional DVDs in the USA
  • Summer Study
  • Turns & Turn Combos DVD with Michele Assaf
  • Mandy Moore DVDs
  • Toni Branner and The Care and Feeding of a Dancer DVD with Toni Branner
  • • Mandy Moore DVD

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