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Contemporary Jazz DVD with Brice Mousset

Direct from France, join Brice Mousset as he introduces his provocative style of Contemporary Jazz; a fusion of European contemporary, jazz and ballet. Brice’s choreography is fluid, organic and sensuous yet technical. He blends an innovative vocabulary of movement with emotion.

In this 60-minute video, Brice takes you step by step through three different routines, each of which is taught first at an advanced-beginner level and then by advancing the technical aspects of the choreography, at the intermediate-advanced level, enabling you to develop your skills at your own pace. In this program, you will work on the dynamics of the music, quality of movement and varied tempos of choreography. This is an essential edition to your Live at BDC collection.  Brice received the best instructional dance video award by the teacher’s voice on for his work on this video!

A versatile talent with an eclectic career, Born in France, Brice Mousset has danced in prestigious musicals, operas, concerts, TV shows, fashion shows, and with companies throughout the world. He is an highly demanded teacher and international juror. Not only does he teach at the renowned Broadway Dance Center, Brice has also taught for The PULSE on Tour.

Brice's wide-ranging experiences have led to unique self-expression in choreography. Flying between America and Europe, from commercial work to company work, some of his credits as a choreographer include: high fashion events for the designers Marithé & François Girbaud, the enticing cabaret show at the Casino de Deauville (France) and the musical Attention Mesdames et Messieurs (Paris). He received much acclaim for his unexpected choreography for the Opera AIDA from Verdi, which opened the French Festival d’Avignon. On TV, you can see Brice's choreography and work in the European MTV Music Awards, British Music Awards, the French NRJ Music Awards, the glamorous Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the French award winning TV series "le reveillon des bonnes," the French TV reality show “La Musicale,” the Polish "So You Think You Can Dance" and the American NBC show, "LXTV."  Brice also choreographed for the Joffrey Ballet summer program, the Manhattan Youth Ballet and numerous pieces for dance academies over the country. Brice Mousset is the creator, artistic director and choreographer of the " Brice Mousset Company".  The company has performed for dance festivals such as the Lab series, Hatch, Bloom Green Space, MMAC, Uptown Performances Series, Dumbo Art Festival and more.

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Languages: English and French



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