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The Complete Assaf Warm-Up DVD

Michèle Assaf has been teaching for over 25 years. She has trained dancers from NY to LA and internationally. As a young dancer, she underwent surgeries on both ankles and later both knees. Through long hours of rehabilitation and retraining her body, she gained an extensive knowledge of the body and of how to train it properly. This video is the complete warm-up, a combination of Modern, Classical, Jazz and Physical Therapy foundations. This will elevate your heart rate to its optimum cardiovascular zone and prepare your muscular system for center work without overworking the muscles. This is an intermediate to advanced warm-up, however can be modified to teach beginners.

Michèle is known for her excellence in technique and style. With her strong Classical and Modern background she is able to take any dancer and teach them the proper technique and alignment to execute any given movement. Professionally, she has received a Tony Award nomination for Starmites on Broadway, a few other credits include: direction and choreography for The Houston Grand Opera, Opera Pacific, World Tours for Mick Jagger, Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey. She is the founder and artistic director of World Dance Movement - The International Workshop.



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