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Jazz For Kids with Sheila Barker VOL II


Sheila Barker and her dancers, Nathan from SYTYCD and Jessica continue teaching you innovative and fun Jazz dance routines and technique. The sister DVD to Sheila's Jazz For Kids VOL I is filled with information on Jazz dance history. Learn Sheila's unique styles and genres of Jazz dance as she shows you how to apply the same principles to each.

It starts out with an easy flowing warm-up to stretch your muscles and connect you to your center. Then Sheila takes you through isolations used in all the routines. It ends with four dynamic and diverse Jazz routines which will make you feel like you have been dancing for years!

Sheila Barker has been an educator, choreographer and performer for the past 12 years in such places as Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Europe and across the USA. She received a BFA in dance and has extensive training in Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, African/Dunham and Musical Theatre.

Her performance background ranges from Broadway and Off-Broadway to industrials, music videos and soap operas. Sheila has choreographed many industrials, music videos and stage shows for recording artists.


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