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Active-Isolated Flexibility Program - VHS/NTSC

This is the VHS/NTSC version, NOT THE DVD!

Active-Isolated Flexibility is a technique of stretching in which we pinpoint, isolate and stretch each individual muscle used to perform to your highest potential. Join internationally renowned director, choreographer and master teacher, Michèle Assaf, as she takes you through a series of stretches that will reduce your workload by removing tightness so you can swing your limbs more freely. These stretches transport oxygen to sore muscles and quickly remove toxins from muscles, so recovery is faster. A.I. Flexibility works as a deep massage technique as it activates muscle fibers during stretching.

The video gives close-up images and descriptions of all the exercises; how the rope is used and which muscle is contracting to relax the targeted muscle in preparation of its stretch. Then Michèle, with the help of Jim & Phil Wharton, will lead you through a complete Active-Isolated Flexibility class. In this class you will improve your performance, increase flexibility and prevent injury... your tools to longevity. 

Active-Isolated Flexibility is the ground breaking technique developed by researchers, coaches, and trainers, and pioneered by Jim & Phil Wharton.

Jim Wharton, an exercise physiologist know as "the mechanic" for his ability to fine-tune athletes, and his son, Phil Wharton, a sports therapist and competitive long-distance runner, are president and vice-president of Wharton Performance, Inc. in New York City. The Whartons' have trained and rehabilitated athletic luminaries from professional football players to dancers on the Broadway stage, track and field stars, and Olympic gold medalists. Their revolutionary Active-Isolated Flexibility are practiced in fitness centers all over the world.

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