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35 (Thirty-Five) Advanced Level WDM Online Classes

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These classes are all STREAMED ONLY.

If traveling to exotic international destinations is not an option... Don't miss out on the WORLD DANCE MOVEMENT experience! WDM is available for you VIRTUALLY! Through WORLD DANCE MOVEMENT ONLINE you can now host World Dance Movement, with internationally renowned faculty from the comfort of your own studio, whenever you want!


The Advanced Track:

  • Active-Isolated Flexibility - 4 classes (Teacher: Michèle Assaf) (each class 1 hr)
  • Ballet - 5 classes (Teacher: Desmond Richardson) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Hip Hop - 5 classes (Teacher: Dana Foglia) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Complexions Contemporary Technique - 4 classes (Teacher: Desmond Richardson) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Contemporary - 5 classes (Teacher: Stacey Tookey) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Contemporary Jazz - 5 classes (Teacher: Bruno Collinet) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Modern Jazz - 2 classes (Teacher: Michele Oliva) (each class 1.5 hr)
  • Contemporary - 5 classes (Teacher: Joshua Pelatzky) (each class 2 hr)


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4. All classes have a 1 (one) year expiration from the date of purchase. 

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