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This week, Bungie released two small teaser videos and launched a special promo page, both events are timed to the stream of the next chapter in Destiny 2. The event will be held on the 9th, at 9am according to their time (funny combination). However, a very strange situation is developing now: on June 9, the launch of season 11 is scheduled, and according to the logic of things, its trailer should have been demonstrated. According to the game portal hermit gamer, Bungie, apparently, decided to make the original move with a knight and show on June 9 (at the time of the start of the season) two trailers at once - one for the 11th season, and the second for the autumn DLC. This conclusion can be reached for the following reasons: firstly, two small teasers show some snowy satellite of Jupiter, by obvious assumption it is Europe. The entire community has long been referring to it and in the game the surface of the satellite is somewhat reminiscent of real pictures (google wikipedia). As much as I would not like, in the words of the classic, the probability of a new planet appearing in season 11 is “extremely small”, even if it will act as a place for the story mission. In other words, teasers do not belong to the upcoming 11th season and, therefore, the only option remains DLC. The second reason is the supply of teasers, and more precisely, the arrival of Eris Morne and the Wanderer on a godforsaken planet, it was “lost” during an incident called Collapse, and the beloved drifter discovered something on the planet that plunged him into fear. The storyline of the second part and the entire Destiny universe is tied to the impending threat from the Triangles, and, to put it more simply, to darkness. Key characters that somehow relate to this theme are Eris Morne, Queen, Calus, Wanderer, and even possibly the Stranger (Exo from the first part, also known as Elsie Bray). Although the appearance of the last character is based only on regular “leaks” of information about the key NPC of season 11. Again, I do not think that at the beginning of season 11 we will see such a combination of characters, it is more suitable for some major plot twist and, accordingly, a large-scale DLC, which is already precisely planned for this fall. And finally, the final reason is very simple, on June 6, 2019, the developers conducted a stream dedicated to the Shadowkeep add-on, it was called exactly the same - “The Next Chapter for Destiny 2”. In this whole story, I personally do not understand why there is still no trailer for the 11th season, they should have released it with a reset on June 2.
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