On Monday February 1st, choreographer Luis Salgado, Tezoro Productions and Miami Dolphins' players John Denney and Joey Haynos dared to go beyond as they collaborated in the Super Bowl XLIV One World Super Huddle. The team joined South Florida area fifth graders to participate in the NFL's diversity program "One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms." Read more here.

Read what has to say about Dana Foglia's Hip Hop for Beginners DVD.

Tezoro Productions teamed up with LIVE United (The United Way) to co-produced a Washington Redskins, "Hometown Huddle" with Live United.   We conceptualized and collaborated with Live United to deliver a  structured, effective dance competition where each participating public school had to choose one of the Tezoro LIVE dance programs, learn the choreography as taught on the video and stage it to perform at the dance competition... WATCH THE VIDEO:

HOPSports and Tezoro Productions have teamed up to bring dance and fitness training into the public school gym classes across the Country. Through the innovative HOPSports DVR system, and the revolutionary dance instruction provided by Tezoro Productions, we are able to get kids dancing from pre-k thru 12th Grade, as well as in Boys and Girls Clubs across America!  The HOPSports system along with the Tezoro Library is now in over 38 states serving over 500 locations reaching 1.5 million use impressions weekly! See more here.

Tezoro Productions launches the first-ever Instructional Dance Video with dance legend Desmond Richardson.

  "In The Heights", Luis Salgado has a new DVD with Tezoro Productions, LATIN DANCE "Plena" with Luis Salgado. Read more at

" I too love the Assaf warm-up! Michele is awesome! I also use the activated isolated stretch and strengthen, it has personally saved my hips!"
- Amy Hornberger

"The Tezero library of fitness and dance videos is the most comprehensive instructional materials for use for the novice instructor to the veteran professional. These materials have upgraded the quality of our physical education and dance programs."
-Dr. Jayne Greenberg, Executive Director
Physical Education and Health Literacy
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

"Kudos to you and your company for great customer service.  I am singing your praises to all that I know.  The Desmond Richardson DVD is wonderful and I look forward to ordering more of your products.  Count me as a pleased and loyal customer."
 - Dianne Lyle - Dance Teacher

"The Tezoro DVD library is by far the best I have come across.  It's amazing... the DVDs are skillfully shot so that you feel like you are right there in the classroom with the dancers.  It has helped me with class and choreography ideas... I can't thank you all enough!  Keep up the good work!"
 - Shaina Downing - Dancer/Dance Teacher

"I am very impressed with your efficiency. Your professionalism is truly refreshing. I am anxious to start working on the dvd's.  Im eager to get this set done so as to move on to the next!!!!"
 - Isabel - Professional Dancer/Portugal

"I really love all of your videos, especially the Active-Isolated Flexibility video which I have been using about twice a week for a few months now and have noticed real improvements in my flexibility resulting in better movement!"
 -Henry - Professional Ballroom Dancer

"Thank you so much! These DVDs help a lot! =]  And let me tell you, that you have a new fan here in Brazil! =]  I'm a huge fan for all of your vídeos and I'm going to work so hard to complete my DVD collection!  (Come visit me in Brazil!)"
 - Katia - Dance Teacher

"Hi Michele, We meet at the UDMA costume show in New Jersey. I am so glad
we talked. I am letting you know as promised I love the videos. Wanting to know when will there be new videos out for lyrical, Progressions, Floorwork, Turns Love it!!!! Totally Hooked." 

"I recently received the Tap Tap Boom DVD and absolutely LOVE IT!!  However, it is a little above my level and was wondering if Jared Grimes has any other DVDs that concentrate more on basics and techniques? Thanks for a WONDERFUL product!!!  I guess the ultimate compliment is that, not only do I love it, but my son (16) and one of his friends have been over to watch it with me and want to learn the steps as well!!!  Absolutely unheard of for two "Texas football jocks" to want to put on a pair of tap shoes and tap.....thanks JARED!!!!!"
 -Julie Dossatia - Dance Teacher

"Julie,  Jared Grimes is excited about doing a beginner level TAP DVD with us!  We do have a 2nd DVD with Jared, Be the music in HIP HOP. This is for all levels. I bet your son and his friends will love Hip Hop with Jared! Thank you for your support"
 -Live At BDC Staff
"Thank you soooo much. The DVD's are fantastic!  It's a great way to keep my  thumb on the pulse of what is happening in the USA. They are great and I will be in touch if I need any of the others. Once again thanks!!!"
-Katheryn Langmaid-Australia

The videos are WONDERFUL!!!!!!  FAR superior to the other companies that  I have purchased from . Bravo and THANK YOU!!!!"
 -Nancy Weiss-McQuide -Wisconsin

"Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of dance videography, and I would like to congratulate you on Jeff Amsden's  "LIFTS".   This is a superb instructional dvd, the best in its genre.  The stellar quality of instruction, and the choice of dancers, plus the camera angles, breakdowns, and slow motion make this a stand out. I look forward to more videos by Jeff Amsden."
-Audrey Derell- Santa Fe, New Mexico

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