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Breakdance DVD with Ephrat AKA B-girl Bounce

In this instructional dance DVD,  Ephrat will teach you the foundations of b-boying/b-girling (a dance also known as breaking), including freezes, top rock, drops to the floor, basic footwork steps and patterns. You will be introduced to dance moves such as the 6-step, the baby swipe, the chair freeze and much more. Ephrat’s easy going style will help you learn how to feel more comfortable free-styling. With time and practice, you will add your own flava to these steps and keep them as part of your growing dance vocabulary, enriching your work as a dancer and giving you a strong base from which to begin your training in this raw and powerful dance.

Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie has trained extensively in ballet and modern dance, but has found her artistic home in the street dance forms of b-girling (breaking), Hip-Hop and house. Ephrat began b-girling in Brooklyn in 2002 under Breakeasy (B.I.S crew) and training Hip-Hop with Leslie Feliciano. Soon after, she was introduced to house music and has been greatly influenced by the New York club scene ever since.

Ephrat has performed and taught throughout the US and Europe, as well as in Peru and South Africa. She has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central and at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and DTW. Ephrat is a member of the all-female breaking crew FoxForceFive and of MAWU, a house dance collective. She was chosen by Dance Magazine as one of 25 to watch in 2007. Ephrat is co-founder of the non-profit outreach organization Dance for Peace: One Step at a Time. She recently performed in Bill Irwin's premiere of the Happiness Lecture at the Philadelphia Theater Company.   Ephrat was awarded a grant from the Puffin foundation for the founding of a hip-hop dance program at the Grant Houses After-School Program in Harlem, New York.


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