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Latin Jazz & Intro to Partnering DVD

For All Levels

Maria Torres is world renowned for her innovative Latin Jazz choreography. This instructional dance video introduces the art of Latin motion, rhythm, and style, while utilizing the Jazz foundation. Maria will show you how to dance by isolating and controlling Afro-Cuban/Latin body motions, as well as Jazz techniques with precision, strength and clarity. In this video, Maria and her dancers introduce you to basic elements, turn techniques, and teach you one of Maria’s original Latin Jazz combinations. With this instruction, you will learn the importance of musicality and timing used in this extremely popular Salsa/Mambo style.

Maria Torres is an acclaimed Performer, Choreographer and Director with extensive experience in the Theater, Film, Television, Video and Commercial industries.  In whatever capacity Maria has worked, her resume touts diversity from all angles. As a performer, Maria has graced both the Broadway stage, starring in Swing!, and the big screen in "Dance with Me," starring Chayanne and Vanessa Williams.

Maria has worked on projects in the music industry ranging from choreographing the video for Enrique Iglesias hit single Bailamos to hailed Reggaeton artist Don Omar’s most recent tour—King of Kings. In the world of film, Maria has worked with world-renowned production houses and directors such as MTV, NBC, HBO, BBC, Walt Disney, and John Leguizamo. Most recently, Maria’s work in the motion picture industry has allowed her the opportunity to work with John O’Connell and train renowned actors such as Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams in Disney’s "Enchanted" to Choreographing Jennifer Lopez in "El Cantante." Maria‘s choreography can been seen this season on the hit show "So You Think You Can Dance."

As a teacher, Maria has taught all over the world at an array of prestigious dance institutions with the goal of sharing her Latin culture with people of all backgrounds.


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