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Jazz with Frank Hatchett VHS/PAL

This is the VHS/PAL version, not the DVD version!

Frank Hatchett, internationally celebrated Master Jazz teacher, brings his VOP style to you in this energetic 60 minute video. Join Frank in three easy to follow routines that are perfect for the beginner through the advanced beginner dance student. Unique camera angles facing the mirror allow you to learn as though you were a student in the class.

Follow Frank and his staff as they take you step by step through three innovative jazz styles. One select routine will transport you into class at the Broadway Dance Center (New York City) where you join in the energy of a class with Frank and his students. Push yourself to the limit and move like you've been dancing forever! Frank Hatchett's choreography is packed with excitement. The Hatchett style is a blend of strength and a get-down, street-smart feeling based on being centered and an individual interpretation of the music. His unique spirit is called VOP.

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